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Get New Customers!

Take control of your business and increase your sales like never before with the marketing and support you need.*1668014973062*1652718017899*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=7346527a-374f-412e-b9d4-f2376f37d9bb

Do You Struggle With Getting New Customers?

☑️ Do you have a great business but lack the sales to help it grow?
☑️ Did you try marketing yourself but it didn't quite work out?
☑️ Is marketing confusing to you?
☑️ Did you hire a marketing company in the past but got zero results?
☑️ Do you distrust marketers because of your bad experiences?
☑️ Is it time to build your business a customer machine?*1668014973062*1652718017899*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=7346527a-374f-412e-b9d4-f2376f37d9bb

Marketing doesn't need to be difficult.

If you've been frustrated with taking on your marketing alone OR you've been let down in the past by other marketing managers, I want you to know, I hear you loud and clear.

From the beginning, I've listened to the struggles of small business owners and have found a way to lower the risk of working with me.
Here are the 3 most important ways I am different from my competitors.  
The First Way Is I Lead With Value

I offer a FREE 30 minute strategy call with anyone interested in my help.  You'll get a comprehensive review of your marketing strategy, learn about opportunities for improvement, and I'll give you an overview of what services I believe are in your best interest.*1668014958421*1652717997784*1652701835076*4*png?alt=media&token=8431afb8-ea25-467a-9b98-d1350136ad87
The Second Way Is No Long Term Contracts

This means if I want to keep you as a client, I need to deliver results.  When you sign up for one of my marketing services, you stay in control of how long you want to stay based on the results you're getting.*burning-money-2113914_960_720*jpg?alt=media&token=2e29e182-ccf2-45a7-bb67-81544c959c44
The Last Way Is Affordable Prices

The Monster Marketer team has developed innovative systems that have helped my clients save money and grow their revenue.*bullhorn*jpg?alt=media&token=0272c7b5-91f4-486e-88bb-cd4218948aed*1668014945697*1652717982430*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=636896a3-6f1f-4c40-a7fd-95c8963b2316

Finally take control of your business.

✔️ We Do Everything
We create, manage, measure and improve all of your marketing efforts so you don't have to.

✔️ You Own Everything
From ads to branding, everything we build for you is yours, now, and forever.  

✔️ We Improve Everything
We use cutting-edge tools and tactics to improve your marketing and make you more money.*1668014973062*1652718017899*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=7346527a-374f-412e-b9d4-f2376f37d9bb

Unparalleled Marketing Services*1668014947625*1652717985095*1652695240966*9*svg?alt=media&token=4fe05182-f43e-4b01-87e3-e2a92a758b91
Search Engine Marketing
92% of people don't scroll past page one of search engine results.*1668014949548*1652717987739*1652695240971*10*svg?alt=media&token=119707a7-57b3-481b-80f4-d8f3c04841d9
Website Design
Let's tell your story and look good doing it.*1668014952556*1652717990304*1652695240972*11*svg?alt=media&token=bd27e1bb-5f76-4588-9e72-ff233bd4f3f9
Paid Social Media
We put your brand at their fingertips!*1668014954577*1652717992763*1652695240973*12*svg?alt=media&token=7246d7a1-ee16-44dd-98bf-84e1cd71563b
Reputation Management
Let us help you put your brand in the best light.*1668014978424*1652718025612*1652698624081*11*svg?alt=media&token=7d42e854-80c0-4535-b7ff-029c833705ae
Your site needs to be found by your customers.*1668014974868*1652718020399*1652698624076*9*svg?alt=media&token=03cec0f2-77d6-4877-821c-c27d5faf04c5
Radio, Streaming Audio, and Podcasting
From the buy to the spot, get expert advice on how to run a successful audio campaign.*1668014980100*1652718028141*1652698624083*12*svg?alt=media&token=c8c86cf0-0de3-48a8-a774-e3d5dafe8188
Audience Targeting
Select the audience that you want to see your digital ad and only serve impressions to people who meet that criteria.*1668014973062*1652718017899*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=7346527a-374f-412e-b9d4-f2376f37d9bb

Is The Monster Marketer right for you?

The Monster Marketer uses proven marketing methods to increase your sales and DOMINATE your competition.
☑️ You are comfortable adding new customers and serving larger demands for your offerings.
☑️ You want to control how many sales you generate each month.
☑️ You don't want to write your own content or ads.
☑️ You are willing to give feedback when we send new ads for your approval.
☑️ You would like to see metrics for all of your marketing campaigns in real-time.
☑️ You want to eliminate time spent thinking about marketing and advertising.
☑️ You are willing to abandon your current marketing efforts that are not producing predictable returns.*1668014973062*1652718017899*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=7346527a-374f-412e-b9d4-f2376f37d9bb

My Clients Love Their Results!

Patrick Waters from Heartland Law Office and The Monster Marketer
Shane Farland and the ProFinish Collision and Paint crew with The Monster Marketer
Grant Barnum with ABC Seamless and The Monster Marketer*1668014992115*1652718046070*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=cdba752e-6605-4a1c-a099-cb779d0415ad

Let's Start Today

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Yes! We also hate spam and guarantee the security of your personal information.*1668014992115*1652718046070*1652713849401*GIF*gif?alt=media&token=cdba752e-6605-4a1c-a099-cb779d0415ad

Meet The Monster Marketer, Kipp Kambeitz

I have been offering products in the advertising, marketing, digital, and social media arenas since 2009.   

Marketing is my passion and I have a relentless addiction to getting my clients results.  The bulk of my clients are based in North Dakota, but I have clients all over the upper Midwest.  

I have everything you need in order to start marketing your business and crushing your competitors.  You'll find no fluff with me and only knowledge gained through experience, not theory or idea.

Kipp Kambeitz, The Monster Marketer

The Monster Marketer, Kipp Kambeitz
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